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Mahou Arms – 0.1.525

please use the patcher to update your version to it by clicking the gear and changing the channel to bleeding. This build releases a 98% done version of Story Mission into the wild! the last 2% will be revisited later. To access, select Start Game and then select ‘MIS_ST_01’. The previous demo is also available by selecting the other option, TrainingRoom00. In addition, the gallery is now in (a bit buggy and missing in features at the moment, but at least it’s in)

Other changes:

  • A ton of polish on combat, hitboxes, some minor combo chain changes, AI, etc.
  • Various lighting tweaks
  • New Turret Enemy
  • New Hscene in the gallery. This one has multiple camera angles! Use RT and LT on a controller or 1 and 2 to switch angles.
  • Ton of work on game systems for open world gameplay
  • Probably a lot more, it’s been nearly 200 revisions since the last bleeding build.

Known bugs:

  • Currently gallery lists the hscenes with “…” instead of names. Clicking on them will still lead you to the scenes, it’s just the names that are broken.
  • If an enemy is below Amelia and she shoots her pistol, the recoil can perpetually propel her upwards until she breaches the heavens.
  • Enemies will keep bouncing above Amelia if they land directly above her.
  • Probably a lot more
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