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Lust and Power – 1.6

– Added two new scenes with random women that you meet during your raids (the content was chosen by a patrons’ poll). Now they thank you for saving them with two more ways than just a blowjob.

– Now the exterior of the houses that you break into during your raids doesn’t look the same each time. Now each time you approach the house, the new illustration is constructed of 44 separate pieces of art (some of them you can see only after you’ve found the police station).

– The interior of the houses also looks different now each time you enter. We created 35 separate images to construct the new illustration for each time you enter the house.

– Now you don’t have to go to bed at 23:00 anymore, and you can do anything you want in your house during the nighttime. 6 house locations were recolored for the night.

– Added one more creature – a Macabre. You can meet Macabres if you try to leave the house at night.

– Added one Emma scene. You can see the scene if you visit Emma’s room at night.

– Added one Kelly scene. You can see the scene if you visit Kelly’s room at night.

– Added silhouettes of the elements on the interface panel in the right part of the screen. Now when you start the game, the panel doesn’t look empty during the intro

– Added one animated illustration for the intro. You can see it when the player gets the dark power from the ancestor during the intro.

– Changed the sizes of all information screens like inventory screens, the dark book screen, the screen of progress with female characters, the skills screen, the hints screen. Now they are smaller and they don’t obscure the info panel on the right part of the screen.

– Changed the interfaces of the player’s inventory, the player’s room inventory, the kitchen inventory, and the interface for trading with Cherry:

a) More cells for the items were added to support future needs of the game.

b) The inventories of the room and the kitchen now have some art.

c) The main player’s inventory now has two separate sections – the equipment (that doesn’t have any weight for game purposes) and the items that have weight.

– The interface with items in all locations was replaced with hotspots instead of highlighted areas (that was necessary for the future needs of the game)

– Now the image of the player doesn’t disappear when you enter the areas with clickable parts.

– We replaced the quest log with the icon of your Inner Voice. We also added some scenes with the Inner Voice giving you some hints about the quests. Now your can hear some advice from your Inner Voice instead of reading it in your Quest Log.

– We remade the potions system:

a) The potions don’t have weight anymore.

b) Now you always have your potions with you and can’t leave them at home. They become a constant part of your equipment.

c) Now the potions have consistent effects. For example, the health potion gives you 5 health points and the energy potion gives you 5 energy points no matter what level of potion making skill you have.

d) Now the potion making skill level increases your chance to create more potions from one brewing.

– New options for the bed in your room:

a) You can sleep until you restore your health completely (available when you don’t have your health bar full)

b) You can sleep until you restore your energy completely (available when you don’t have your energy bar full)

c) You can sleep until the next morning (available at anytime except 8:00)

– Now when you steal Jess’s clothes, you can see the animation of them flying from her towards you.

– Now you get more experience points when you defeat the higher level demons (3 points for the demon in a yellow shirt, 4 points for the demon in black shirt)

– Now when you try to break in Cherry’s house for the first time, the battle with her door doesn’t happen automatically, but manually (like the battles with other normal doors)

– Fixed bug when the poison reduces your health to zero, but you don’t die for 1 extra turn. Now you die the moment when your health becomes zero.

– Fixed bug with the logo of the game in the lower right corner of the screen. In previous versions it disappeared when the text was displayed on the screen. Now you can see the logo constantly and it doesn’t disappear.

– Fixed bug when the door of the Demonhunters’ club attacked you and you didn’t get any damage. Now you get damage.

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