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Love And Sex: Second Base – 18.06.7

– Corrected a bug in the “get out” event

– Corrected a bug in the offer a drink activity
– Corrected a bug in Sasha’s kissing scene
– Changed the way Rooms, Events and Activities are declared to not lose data on save/load

– Added the final bg for the clothes shop
– Enabled rollback
– Enabled saving anywhere

– Fixed a with the flag system (causing crashes and infinite loops)

– Fixed a bug with the girls schedule (it was not applied correctly)
– Fixed a bug with event testing not working
– Fixed a bug with an event on bree

– Fixed a bug that made the game crash while sleeping
– Fixed a bug with a legacy method from the old game causing crashes (set_mood)

– Fixed a bug with the displaying of stats
– Fixed a bug with Sasha’s new outfits

– Added 2 random events
– Added the cgs for offering a drink to a girl
– Added 6 backgrounds (day + nights)
– Added a few chat lines to Sasha
– 2 new outfits for Sasha
– Added kissing scenes to Sasha and Bree (with cg)
– 3 new events for Sasha (with cg)
Total 4 new char sprites, 29 new CG, 12 new backgrounds, 6k words

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