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Long Live the Princess – 0.20

– New scenes for Primrose (featuring more than 60 new images).
– The current day of the week is now shown when time progresses.
– Disabled the loading of old saves to prevent crashes and story progression issues.
– Lifted the time limit completely for now. It will be reintroduced in a later version.
– Backgrounds now use JPG instead of PNG, reducing the size of the game on disk.
– Tweaked clue names in the code to reduce the risk of accidental spoilers in case of crashes.
– New scenes for Callie’s store (featuring more than 75 new images).
– Rollback is now enabled. Previous choices are locked.
– Extended the time limit. The game now ends on the morning of day 10.
– Tweaks and additions to tutorial messages.
– Experimental perspective change button. Will be improved in future versions.
– Minor bugfixes.

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