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Lily’s Curse Prologue – 0.2 Public

540 new renders( not including 60 roaming scenes ) , 4 new animations for semen donors and more.
location added and roaming
-Yumi’s house
-Bar added but event still under dev
Corruption vs romance stat
Your gameplay will be based on your actions ( 2 endings possible) you can have a romance and go to corruption , but not reverse. once corrupted no way back ;)
– Story push on step mom , step sis , Yumi , each branch are independant.
– Event during day , in bathroom , step mom room , step sis bedroom.
New characters:
– Hiro , Mc’s Bestfriend back from a trip
– Jonas , Ex of Step mom.
Interface added with you current corruption or romance , time and day count.
A late halloween event is also added (sorry for delay)

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