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LifePlay – 1.8

– Added a system for NPC-NPC relationships. One NPC can now be another NPC’s spouse/boss/relative/etc – there are now scenes where the NPCs will introduce you to their related NPCs
– Added an optional Netori module, where you’re the bull in a cuckolding. This uses the NPC-NPC system above a lot, as you can bang your boss’s daughter, your brother’s girlfriend, etc
– Added 6 masturbation animations
– Added 4 shower animations
– Added a menu to allow the player to customize the distribution of body shapes among newly generated NPCs (Esc > Body Shape Distribution) so if you want to live in ‘Beefcakeville’ or ‘Modelshire’, you can.
– Added a ‘Body changes based on stat’ setting (Esc > Settings), which will change your character’s bodyshape gradually based on the fitness and muscle stats. You can test this easily by typing “TEST_bodychange” in the ~# console.
– Pregnancy events should now all trigger correctly
– Added the ‘Pregnancy Notifications’ (Esc > Settings) cheat setting to give the player more info on whether and why a character is impregnated and then to give updates on the current pregnancies.
– Added a ‘Quick Dress’ button to the right mouse click menu to auto-select clothes from your inventory and dress you according to the current building you’re in
– You can now delete an NPC entirely in the Contacts menu
– Some incest peeping scenes will allow you to join in if the incest tension stat is high enough
– Some subtle incest scenes are now phased out when the incest stat is high
– Minor bug fixes and improvements

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