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Life With a Slave: Teaching Feeling – 2.4

Updated Tirano script. It changed to 64bit version.
A 32-bit version is enclosed, so if you need to start here, please refer to readme.
Additional elements

  • 1 additional H scene added
  • Change of production of “tea ceremony” command.

Add differences and dedicated background music while eating on a meal picture.

  • Rewrote the illustration so that the hairstyle can be reflected on masturbation events.
  • Added setting inside the special setting that can change BGM of indoor command selection screen.
  • Add volume setting buttons of BGM and SE to the reminiscence screen.
  • Added dedicated background music while working.

Added a configuration button to the title screen.
Specification change

  • Immediately after H, the mood selection becomes calm & Changed so that morning ecchi events do not occur, reducing consecutive estrus occurrence.
  • If outside scene occurred in the morning, go to the afternoon time without crossing the day.
  • “Presence / absence of silvie shopping time” and “Setting of ejaculation place of event H scene”

Specification change so that it is reflected not only in save data but in the whole game.

  • Partial change of occurrence condition of job H scene.
  • Clear update history button from title screen.

Instead of summarizing the update history in the operation manual menu, add a button that can go back and forth between both.

The following bug fixes

  • The color of the nurse’s clothes changes when you feel as you desire in “work” when wearing clothes other than nurse clothes.
  • “Have it by mouth” “Let yourself” After the scene “After you have taken a rest”, the hairstyle and clothes contradict the situation before and after in the scene you want.
  • Since SE loop was unnatural, it replaced with new sound.
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