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Life Choices – 0.8.5

New Features/Updates:
– Virginity is now added to the game! It will track when you lose your virginity, to whom you lose it and under what circumstances and it will also let you know when it happens. Check your Character page for more detailed information. But it does not stop there! In certain cases, it will also provide you with a choice/several choices! Will you be able to let Lizzy make the right choice regarding her virginity? Will she save herself for that special someone, or will she fall into the web of seduction and corruption and lose it without choice? Good luck!
– Added one more additional bed to the bed store. It is a standard bed, making it a bit easier to get some small sleeping bonuses at the start of the game.
– You now start the game with a pair of standard white panties which you can choose to wear or not wear (when dignity is low enough). Find the toggle in your diary page. Not wearing panties will have an effect on your Dignity, Freedom & Reputation depending on how high/low they are when encountering certain events. It can also have an effect on the choices you get or the outcomes of said events. More will be added in the future. When you lose your panties and your dignity is too high, your Morale may drop over time.
– Your Desire stat will rise a little faster when you’re not wearing panties. – ty ray3dave
– Consequently, if somehow, you’ve lost your panties and your dignity is not low enough you will feel ashamed and your morale will slowly drop.
– The Bibi link will now disappear after you’ve talked to her and chosen to make her tell you about her and Henry.
– Changed the way the changing rooms worked at the spa. It is now a proper transition; meaning you will need to change clothes before you e.g. go to the pool and when you want to leave the pool again. Previously you only needed to change clothes when entering the pool. Due to this change in transitioning, Faoud and his men now have more opportunities to harass you when you go change clothes. Additionally, they now may harass you in the gym when doing your cardio or self-defense workout (similar scenario as in the coffee shop).
– The chance of meeting Faoud and his men will increase over time. This was already the case, but I’ve increased it as I believe it was not happening enough.
– Changed the check for running or doing Yoga in the park at the link, rather than at the actual passage. This means that if you don’t meet the perquisites (energy or health or morale) you won’t be able to click on the link. It will give you a message instead.

Pre-release ‘Testing-phase’ fixes
– Fixed the typos in the photo shoot scenario where Donny offers Lizzy money for losing her virginity – ty Derpyson
– fixed the Name issue at the end of the photoshoot story line. – ty Derpyson
– Fixed the bug with the beds not working properly. – ty Derpyson & Aloysia
– Fixed a dead end at the gym and several errors related to the dead end. – ty Derpyson & Aloysia

Other Bugfixes
– Fixed a bug where working on the beach could increase the number of clients in the park. – ty Maxine_D
– Fixed an issue where events in the bus could trigger twice.

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