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Lewd Maze – 0.6.71a

-Finally updating our shitty UI.
Updated New Game / character creation.
It is still cranky a bit and lacks large Class pictures, but it is much better than before. Hopefully.

-Added first Trap H animation. Large 2×2 chest is not working as mimic example.
We’re trying different style animations for Iso traps.
Different from big battle animation, because there is no fighting involved~
They will be a bit smaller, a bit simplified (more chibi?), but, we may have quite a few of them.
Is this looks good? I think it is.
EroWolf will be helping with some of them, guy is doing good job so far.

-Clock in town now looks like proper picture, not my shitty paint madskillz

-Added Night / Dark town. Yep now it should be dark after 20-00.
Now we can start adding some interesting interactions and events for NPCs :p

-Fixed couple OpenJDK error for Linux.
-Fixed couple game-not-launching errors. Some may still be present so please tell me if issue still present for some configs.

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