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Lewd Maze – 0.4.48a

People asked for more team members – and so, now Dwarf basic update is out!

She now can be hired (Smith NPC).
You need to complete her quest line first.
She has 2 classes instead of 4, ranged and melee – so if you want a choice, make sure you have space in team.

For now, she has only wip placeholders for H scenes – sketches and concept art. We’ll be adding proper animations and CGs soon~
But at least this update should give an idea of how she looks.
She will have all possible partners from 1st dungeon stage, including another centaur scene – Charmed version, different from her quest event.

As before, please feel free to leave feedback and report any bugs, we’ll polish them and will begin to add her hentai scenes on mid month update.

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