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Legend of Queen Opala: Origin – 2.14

Updates and Glitches/Bugs Fixes – v2.14

Fix 400 – The worker upgrading the courtyard didn’t show up under certain conditions, she will always show up now.
Fix 401 – The difficulty against Bal’Rana during the Stripping o’ Die has been nerfed.
Fix 402 – Ra’Tiki can now be invited to the tent under the right circumstances.
Fix 403 – The journal has been overhauled and updated to include everyone and enemy stats/weaknesses.
Fix 404 – Roseus can now be gained as the first available battle summon in the game.
Fix 405 – Party members now show up in all the cities, not just during the first visit or during specific story events.
Fix 406 – Changing costume in your quarters could show the wrong protagonist graphics, this has been corrected.
Fix 407 – All the main characters’s battleposes has been updated to the new style.
Fix 408 – Party members can be “invited” outside in towns under the right circumstances.
Fix 409 – Gabrielle and Mhu’Tiki has been added as available opponents in Stripping o’ Die.
Fix 410 – All cutscenes involving Zweibelle have been updated to better reflect her personality/history.
Fix 411 – Gabrielle’s Tavern Wench Challenge and Farah’s Flashing mini-games now has International Edition CG.
Fix 412 – The tent mechanic is now also available at Castle Warrengard after the Blackgard Stronghold arc.
Fix 413 – The first cutscene with Cecily has been made manditory and worked into the main storyline.
Fix 414 – Colussia has a new gift shop available by the park in the East District.
Fix 415 – The Skalhalm arc has gotten an additional cutscene towards the end.
Fix 416 – Corrected the graphical position with casting spells.
Fix 417 – Added a new, optional cutscene with Cecily.

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