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Legend of Krystal: Rebirth – 0.4b

Skip feature taken down: it causes freezes in compiled versions (surprisingly enough, not in Unity editor). I’ll re-implement it when I upgrade the two most important plugins I’m using, and fully understand their interactions with each other.

New Cenvir content

Three new sex actions in eight progression/repeatable events.
Cenvir ends up happy, I tell you… ^_^

Skip feature

Didn’t work properly. Took it down.

Sex sounds
Most of the animations have sounds now.
I’ve had only one day to set up this, so there’s room for improvement.

Also, I’d need to upgrade Spine to a beta version to have better sound functionality in the editor. Not something to do one day before a release!

Minor changes

  • Main Title music is now more ‘anime-ish’
  • Dick wetness layer implemented (very basic atm)
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