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Last Man – 2.55

  • Support for more playable days
  • Added Achievements window
  • Improved hot-keys
  • Updated menu’s code for pause, character, club, 100% walkthrough, etc
  • Updated Album code
  • The album has moved to the character menu and is available anywhere in the game
  • Updated city map code
  • Slightly displaced sex-meter in all scenes
  • Added scene skip button
  • Some sex scenes can now be skiped
  • A new batch of quests has been added to the Quests List
  • Replaced banner in the laptop on the 9th day
  • Updated percentage calculation for Nicky’s quest
  • During the games in the casino there is no more saving
  • During the exploration of cities, there is no more saving
  • There is no more saving during the Poker Tournament
  • Cheat on action points can be used from day 12
  • Fixes of bugs in the Quests List
  • Updated game notes
  • Text on city maps is not overlap on other objects
  • Game optimization
  • After Diana’s event player always returns to the first city
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