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Lab Rats 2 – 0.7.1

* Sluttiness below Core Sluttiness now returns to its default amount 4 times faster (4 per time chunk instead of 1).
* Clothing system has been redesigned. Outfits are now designed as one of three possible designations: underwear sets, overwear sets, and full outfits.
* Girl no longer asks if you would like her to wear an outfit when you add it to her wardrobe (redundent with option to ask her to wear an outfit directly).
* Added new underwear and overwear sets.
* Girls will have a 50% chance of picking their outfit each day from either a predesigned full outfit or a combination of underwear and overwear.
* Girls no longer remove overly slutty outfits from their wardrobe. They will instead only pick from the ones they consider reasonable.
* Modified all outfit view and selection screens to show full outfits, overwear sets, and underwear sets.
* Corporate uniforms are now stored as full wardrobes instead of being a single outfit.
* Girls will assemble their unfiforms from their departments specific wardrobe, the company wide wardrobe, and if nessesary their personal wardrobe.
* Modified uniform management system to accomodate new wardrobe system.
* Outfit creation screen now displays if an outfit is a valid overwear or underwear set, as well as it’s sluttiness requirement for all three types of outfit.
* Standardized several main screen buttons to be the same size.
* Cumshots now leave visible effects on a girl.
* Highly Suggestable recruit policy removed as it conflicted with the new suggestability mechanic.
* High Obedience recruit policy now has no prerequisit and cost has been reduced.
* Expanded options to give serum to people. In the early game you now have several options available, including stealth, persuasion, demanding, and paying.
* The Mandatory Serum Testing policy has been divided into a paid serum testing and unpaid serum testing policy. Paid testing requires a cash reward each time it is used.
* Girls select a random assortment of underwear, overwear, and full uniforms to build their personal starting wardrobe from instead of having access to everything.
* Girls are now less likely to quit within the first two weeks of employment, with the total effect trailing off towards the end of the period.
* Refactored major sections of personality dialogue code to make it easier to add future personalities, roles, and tests to ensure all of the above work as intented.
* Added debugging support to personality dialogue to (hopefully) prevent dialogue branches from being introduced without being represented by all personalities.


* Found another case of improperly used deep copies in the outfit system, which were resulting in larger than nessesary character object and general game slowdowns.
* Wardrobe was not saved correctly if the player did not move or perform certain actions which made changes to it visible to the save system.
* Fixed case where orgasming girl would incorrectly be given a tiny head instead of the proper emotion face.
* The “against the wall” sex position improperly did not match with the images rendered for it. It now properly describes the girl facing the main character.
* Fixed hair coluors sometimes not matching the hair colour given in the character description.
* Fixed serums not properly applying status effects like growing breasts when the trait giving the effect was added and removed during the design process.

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