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Lab Rats 2 – 0.6.1

* Girls now have a randomly assigned font and colour used for all of their dialogue.
* Girl selection screens now show menu names in unique font and colour.
* Girl stats window moved to top center of screen, displayed when talking to girl.
* Business stats window is now always visible in the bottom left of the screen.
* Sluttiness (core, temp, and suggest-limit) is now visualised instead of being presented as a number.
* Resized title screen.
* Redesigned choice buttons.
* Improved player feedback when sluttiness has reached it’s cap.
* Sluttiness changing actions now have a maximum effectiveness amount, past which they will not raise sluttiness.
* Sluttiness from sex is now increased once per round in a position that the person finds slutty isntead of all at the end. It is no longer tied to arousal.
* Suggested and Maximum effectiveness sluttiness scores are now shown on all sluttiness changing interactions and positions.
* Introduced plain test sescriptions for a number of numerical scores.
* Keeping a girl orgasming will instantly turn 1 temporary sluttiness into 1 core sluttiness.
* Main character now has a limited amount of “stamina” which is spent to seduce women and recharges each night. Default is 2 stamina.
* The “chat about something” option can now only be selected twice per girl per day.
* The “seduce” option can now only be selected once per girl per day (as well as being limited by stamina)
* Main character now resets arousal completely at the end of every day.
* Main character now reduces arousal by 20 each time chunk.
* All crises choices have been updated to respect the main characters current stamina.
* Serum designs are now based around a slot system. Default serums have a single slot for other traits. More advanced production methods unlock additional slots.
* Serum traits no longer increase production point cost of serum. Only production methods increase cost.
* Balanced serum value against tiers of research required to reach them. Producing multi-trait serums is now more profitable than single trait serums and higher tier are more profitable than lower tier.
* Production methods (improved serum production, advanced serum production, ect.) no longer provide Suggestibility boosts. A new line of serum traits has been added that increases suggestibility.
* Rewrote and expanded the introduction to the game.
* Reworked Sluttiness calculations for outfits.
* Arousal now shows the effective sluttiness boost it gives.
* Sluttiness below Core Sluttiness now returns to the core amount at a rate of 1 point/time chunk.
* Serum production weight now defaults to whatever percentage is remaining (ie. 100% if nothing else is being produced).
* Redesigned character hiring screen.

* Fixed cause of massive slowdown, delays, and unresponsivesss.
* Fixed improper reference to character name in lab accident crisis.
* Disabled autosaves, which were creating a major slowdown in the game.
* Supplies can now only be integer numbers
* End of day screen panels no longer overlap.
* Revealing skirts and dresses no longer drastically increase sluttiness over nude levels.
* Serum traits list in serum design screen now scrolls to prevent text from running off the bottom of the screen.
* Rerendered camisole to reduce number of clipping issues.
* Fixed crash in strip tease crisis.
* Fixed bug with status effects where removing a trait would wipe all status effects from the serum.

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