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Lab Rats 2 – 0.4.1

Lab Rats 2 v0.4 includes a complete re-rendering of all clothing items and body types in the game, the introduction of three new crisis events, images for the missionary sex position, and changes to the clothing system to make every item of clothing in the game colourable.

There have also been a few quality of life changes and updates to the UI of the game. A number of useless descriptions have been removed to reduce the number of clicks needed to move between locations, the clothing designer has been updated to support recolouring, and old serum designs can now be scrapped to clean up your serum lists.

And as a final treat, enjoy the full changelog (v0.3.1 to v0.4.1):

* Bodies and clothing have all been updated and rerendered.
* All clothing is now recolourable.
* Clothing editor has been redesigned to present colour options.
* Added “office flirt” crisis.
* Raised job satisfaction threshold for quitting, girls will quit less often.
* Added “review serum designs” page, which allows you to review your current designs as well as scrap designs you no longer wish to have.
* Created new outfits using new clothing items and colours.
* Options that are not available are now greyed out instead of missing.
* Streamlined main gameloop to remove unnessesary information.
* Added patron name and outfit suggestions.
* Added “Not in uniform” crisis event.
* Added “Get a drink” crisis event.
* Added policy categories to policies page.

* Fixed crash caused in “against the wall” position.
* “Distilled Aprodisiac” now correctly increases research required when added to serum design.
* Fixed location background not returning to normal during a crisis event that brings you to a different location.
* Fixed “give cash bonus” events not removing cash from company funds.
* Fixed several scattered spelling mistakes and references to wrong character name.

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