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Kingdom of Deception – 0.6.2

– Being unable to hold Tekrok’s feast
– A rare shop bug that displayed items without images
– You can’t save during the progression screen anymore

– A full update of content: 5 new CGs with 7 unique scene variations..
– Tentacle quest: Investigate around camp to find a new series of events.
– Lake quest: A previously empty location has been filled in with a quest.
– Hellhound quest: Check out the kennels for another set of events.
– Kentark quest: Someone on the training grounds will set off another quest that will benefit all saves, but especially solo Sabia routes.
– Training quest: Keep training Sabia’s troops from the new map icon, with a lot of additional content for saves on the slavery route.
– Each of the above quests includes at least one unique scene, but there are a few additional events hidden in this update that can provide new equipment or more points toward other events.
– While this update was in progress, we also took the time to make some new item icons and polish up some previous quests. You probably won’t notice these unless you replay, but we always work on improving the game’s overall quality.
– Though we worked on the raiding system in response to player feedback, we decided to leave this work in the background and have this update focus on new content. But the foundation is laid for developments you might see in future updates.

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