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It’s a New World Out There – 0.1

-830 pictures
-98,785 words
-2 new animated scenes
-2 Endings
-1 route done
-12 ways to die
-Fixed a lot of grammatical mistakes. Probably missed like a million more…
-Changed the relationship with Val and Mary. Now they are the main character’s step-sisters by marriage. I hope this makes the game compliant with the rules of Patreon.
-Second meetings with Violet and Layla scenes.
-Tease scene with Val in the shower. She will tease you more, or less, depending on what you did while she spied on you.
-Bj Scene with Val in a school dream caused by Hiehie.
-Bj/Fuck/Creampie scene with Hiehie.
2 new characters.
2 Endings (Secret route.)
A bunch of new bad ends.
New Sound effects, New music. Changed the music from the intro scenes of meeting the ‘neighbors’.

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