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Iris Quest: The Goblins’ Curse – 1.0.1

– the bug on opening the configuration from start menu.
– when playing the game in Russian, the scene on receiving card 13 was shown in English.
– the bug on switching English/Russian for card gallery in main menu.
– Foo’s double attack alert was shown only during the attack itself.
– in some situations a defense boost was not reset after performing defense.
– the logical conflict between Trap Master’s and D’jasa N’bada’s plot lines.
– the bug on tentacle monster encountering guroblins.
– in some cases overfilling the inventory with quest items made impossible to continue the game.
– a few typos.

– a character winning ‘Foo’s bored’ event gets random item.
– a character defeating the guroblins or the tentacle monster gets random item.
– special tutorial is proposed before the first fight.
– added pop-up hints explaining the numbers in combat interface.
– fully ‘integrated’ mechanical plug of Trap Master now adds permanent +1 to defense.
– minor balance tweaks.

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