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Intimate Brothel – 0.5.0

Bugs fixed:
– Liz berries quests now show the correct berries name in the text
– In the shop, the gem selling now works fine
– In the mines the text is now in the right place
Small changes:
– Patreon updated
– Main screen gained version number
– The client selection upstairs in the tavern gained a new selection method, maybe this will give an equal client distribution
New things:
– New Text UI
– Shops (Tavern and Shop) buy/sell menu gained also a little update

– New option to buy clothes in the shop (Not the final version, could change in the future!)

– Possibility to open up the side room (At the mayor for gold coins)
– Side room:
– Wardrobe to change clothes. (what you bought in the shop) I want to mention that, some of the clothes can generate strange look, when they are equipped at once
– Servant (a faerie or a neko) who take care of your babies (You can change them at the Mayor)
– You can check on your babies (atm not much, just how many babies you got from each species)

– Pregnancy first part is in (You can get pregnant from human male clients)
– If you get pregnant (depends on pregnancy chance) your weight loss is dramatically increase! (with human baby it rises to: 0,4/day with monsters: 0,5/day)
So you need to eat more often and more “bigger” to maintain your weight
– Human baby born after 30 game days, monsters will born after 21 game days
– In stat window the uterus image changes as the baby grows
– Birth animation (first part)
– If you don’t have side room, your baby is taken away by the priestess
– Temple is open
– You can have abortion here for a few gold coins
– You can hmm… leave your babies here for a little money

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