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Intimate Brothel – 0.2.0


– Game texts are now skippable again

– Opening is skippable

– Texts are pulled tighter

– The extra events payment on the ground floor – in the serving – is reduced

– Most animations have received the opportunity to re-run the animation again and again.

– Upstairs gained its almost final version. Only minor changes possible in the future. (Such as an extended menu system)

– Upstairs clients have also appeared. At the moment one male and one female may appear. There is only two possible choices with the male and – sadly – you can not do anything with the female client right now. The first possible actions with the female client will come in the next update. Of course more variations of the clients will come in the next update too.

– Upstairs clients have a like and dislike info in their menu when they appear. ( This may be to be moved elsewhere in the future) This is the influence of how much he/she will pay for you after you send him/her away.

– Energy is now used for the upstairs work. In the future you will have the opportunity to increase your energy.

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