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Interns of Ecstasy Island – 0.131

Some quick fixes for the previous version. A kind user pointed out that I’d completely screwed up the code for the body preference system, so I’ve made some corrections that (in combination with the inflating the body size change numbers a while back) had really pronounced effects in my quick testing. Have fun!
• Dream system bug fix
• Body type preference system fix

What’s new? (Version 0.130)
I was aiming for something fan-pleasing this time around and created two new ways to get additional body transformations in the game. (Chances are, you’ve found the path to both of them already…they both branch from the “clip trick” learned while working at the restaurant.) Both of these ended up being way more complicated to implement than I originally expected (so much so that I might make a post on the topic), so I’d be shocked if there weren’t bugs.

• “Magic Wands” are now functional and can be used before evening free time events. For now, their sole functionality is making body parts larger.
• Note: Breast and hip reductions are a bit of a hack, so there’s even less fanfare for those changes when they happen.
• First work event with Reika has been added. Take advantage of what she can do.
• New dream added. The effects of your choices still need to be added in, so it doesn’t matter what you choose for now.

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