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Insexsity – 0.64 Maxi

What’s NEW:

  • Chinese language/中文
  • 3.5 New locations:
  • + Super Market + back view
  • + Kitchen
  • + insexsity location.
  • Sex hairstyles for Kate, can be changed in the bathroom.;
  • Kate’s tongue is noticeable in animations, side view;
  • New sex toys. Can be used in the bathroom at home and in the store if you want it;
  • The mood system. It is important that you drink or eat and in what condition you sleep. In development.;
  • Now you can eat and store food at home. Eating once a day you can get 3 types of bonuses;
  • 4 new items in the inventory;
  • Do you like secret buttons in games? Now we have one;

New events:

  • With Don in his room (cleaning naked);
  • Public sex events in the store (with 2 types of toys);
  • Story events with two new characters (Old Man and Girl);
  • The new effects of the event-drink 3 times in the club (the old one also remains);
  • Events with Suzi in the massage parlor (Kiss belly);
  • Event with Edwin. To find them, you need to meet him at the club, and after have a fun in the new market;
  • In this release you can meet Ashley and Eva (short events);

New for Maxi version:

  • New 3 times drink event in the Club. Play for John;
  • With Suzi in the massage parlor, using sex toys;
  • With stranger in the new Market;
  • With Don in his room

Upgrade and fixes:

  • Some graphics sprites and music have been optimized, loading should be faster on weak devices;
  • Bug in the basement with the animation of Kate.;
  • Nina and Don in the bathroom are no longer repeated (you have to play again);
  • Kate’s room should loaded faster on weak devices;
  • Crying Kate in the shower – not repeated after certain events;
  • To go on a date with Oliver, you don’t have to do him a foot massage;
  • Some animations are fixed;
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