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Insexsity – 0.51 Maxi

What’s NEW:

  • 2 new locations: bank and basement;
  • mechanics for the ATM (bank);
  • Swedish translations (1/5 is done + menu);
  • 2 new clothes for strangers.

New events:

  • Suzi in the Sauna (lesbian);
  • Don in the Sauna;
  • Stranger in the Sauna + maxi;
  • Passenger in the bus;
  • Oliver dancefloor + hotel (2 times) + Bank;
  • Events after GH with strangers (drunk and sober) + maxi with Moris;
  • Don and Nina in the home’s bathroom;
  • Eva in the Insexsity, 6 level;

New for Maxi version:

  • 3 times drink event. Double;
  • with stranger in the Sauna;
  • in the Club’s toilet (from GH) if do not served the client. Be drunk.

Upgrade and fixes:

  • New hair dress for Eva and Oliver’s head is back;
  • Kate’s room is loading faster, and I have more ideas how to make it more faster;
  • Help list is updated. Check if you can meet Suzi or stranger in the Sauna;
  • All Eva’s animations were rewritten for some reason. There may be bugs;
  • Cursor for Mac and Linux versions. Need to check it;
  • Small bags and animations are fixed;
  • Credits;

What’s fixed from 0.48 to 0.4808:

  • after meditation – music with Mark;
  • clothing in many events evolved to night shirt (about 5 -6 events);
  • In Insexsity could play for Suzi, even if you do not know her;
  • Victor does not appear in the back Café;
  • club is available on Friday after work or if you are late to work
  • Lucy appeared in the Lance office;
  • if covered can’t exit the massage parlor, even if Ash is gone;
  • lose the boots in some events;
  • you can go out from the apartment at the winter time in any shoes;
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