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Insexsity – 0.48

What’s new:

  • Spanish language
  • Change Skin color (in menu)
  • Change footwear, regardless of clothes
  • New emotions for Kate
  • New Clothes for Kate (sports + towel for sauna)
  • New Clothes for Don (sports + towel for sauna)
  • New Clothes for Suzi (sauna Towel)
  • New movement animation for Kate in the sauna wear
  • Napkins can be bought and used to clean your face
  • You can use a health bottle (as stronger you are as more you can carry (up to three)
  • Added resolution 16/10 (if there are shifts, let us know)
  • Now music can be controlled (music and effects separately) through the Pause menu (let us know if not all sounds can be controlled)
  • Some skills are reduced every day.
  • New UI Interface
  • New Gym location (Hall, Dressing room, Sauna)
  • In the Gym you can run (lift stamina)
  • In the Gym you can Lifting weights (Increase strenght)
  • In the Gym you can reise agility (with Mark up to 12 o’clock in the afternoon)
  • Do Yoga alown
  • Yoga with Don’s help
  • Do meditation alone
  • Meditation with Mark (do not miss it)
  • Learn the First battle skill with Mark (need more agility for success)
  • An event with Walter in his apartment, will you find it?
  • Event with Walter in the club after the apartment event (drink twice and wait for him at the bar)
  • In the Gym’s dressing rooms you can change clothes (mini wardrobe with new mechanics for us)
  • In the Sauna you can meet Don or Suzi (there is an event)
  • In the Sauna you can reise you max health
  • Appearance characters in the streets and cafes (no events)
  • Changed Clever to Agility
  • New sounds and effects
  • The first time in the Gym, your skills will be reset and points returned to you back.
  • Maybe something else, can’t remember.

New for Maxi version:

  • Event on Walter’s bed
  • Event with Walter in GH
  • You will see the end of the event in the sauna.
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