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Insexsity – 0.305 Maxi

All events for Maxi version:
– Nina’s talk in begining;
– first men’s massage (for John);
– Eva’s Love story (for Oliver);
– table massage (for Eva);
– table massage (for Oliver);
– free “massage” (for Oliver);
– Eva’s room (for Eva);
– toilet stall (for Eva);
– with unknow man in Insexsity (dream);
– with unknow girl in Insexsity (dream);
– Oliver massage facesit;
– Oliver Date under the table;
– Victor rough meet in Cafe back.

New events:
– with Oliver in massage parlor, after fingering (3 way to end it),
– with Oliver in Insexsity, after normal sex in massage from his legs side,
– extend event in Insexity with unknown man.

From now Maxi version has simple cheats:
“E” button +20 exp “L” button +0.1 lewd

  • We recommend you start new game, anyway, now you can skip days early on morning;
  • the girl from the club is added two turns, and she appears in the massage parlor after the first week;
  • new ero event with her in massage parlor (but you need some stats for that);
  • now you can watch TV. There are regular channels and there are erotic ones, but you have to open them. Viewing normal channels wasting time;
  • added three erotic channels with their own descriptions;
  • now you can sleep immediately after work (or if you’re late to work) or on a Saturday (if you have no scheduled cases);
  • added a new location – Insexsity. You can fall in by watching TV. It is divided into levels. And so far, we’ve added two levels for 5 events, but it looks good. Levels depend on lewdness. Must see;
  • into Insexsity we’ve added 6 events (2 of them for Maxi version), 4 locations (some of them you shoud to know first);
  • new small event in the shower. We added the lock to the door and it’s connected to him. (most of the time we’ve spend on InsexsityPlace);
  • one new form of massage for a man was added (it’s Oliver, he’s got yellow hair), but you must have a good level of lewdness;
  • in the Pause menu, we’ve added an explanation of the stat (click on a question mark). There are some spoilers in there;
  • removed the limitation of the Days of the week (a very important thing), now it feels like a game. We stopped for three game months, but you can continue to play;
  • increase of lewdness is always visible now, and visible on the screen. No need to go every time in in Pause menu;
  • a new location (Boss’s office) has been added and is available from the second week;
  • added a small event in it (but it is hidden) and will be developed it in future versions;
  • added a weekly event. Ashley has some secret;
  • added a weekly event. Nina collects the lease (starting with the third week). But if there’s no money, nothing’s going to happen, but it’s just for now (we’re workink on it);
  • added the ability to leave form GH in club if you want;
  • have tested operability of another language in game. And it works.


  • Thanks ruuse542, he’s always checking the text on time. Sure there’s a mistake somewhere, but that’s where we added the texts after, we always doing that;
  • instantiate of characters in the bar and dance depends on luck;
  • action in the club now takes time and limits how long you can stay there. In the same way, the experience is increasing, the stamina is being wasted;
  • three backgrounds are redrawn (room (need of refinement)), hall, and bathroom;
  • new fonts, and hope you will like it;
  • boot screens are now named;
  • now you can go to the club every week, what you gonna do – is your choice.
  • If you found any bugs, please, let us know – [email protected] or Patreon page.
    What’s fixed:
  • fixed Eva’s room time;
  • fixed late for work;
  • fixed some animations;
  • fixed the dialogues with Ashley when she didn’t talk;
  • there was so many bugs that it just wasn’t all recorded.
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