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Innocent Witches – 0.2.1b

  • 1.Added a new school wing. Let’s hope you remember how to get out of the window…
  • 2.Added a new special location. Just added, not much to it, let’s hope you remember how to throw potions out of the window.
  • 3.Helena has been completely reworked. Also changed the way you get Daphne’s address and other interactions.
  • 4.The whole mess with papers has been reworked. It is now shorter and has variety to it. And a proper end too.
  • 5.Minerva can now be summoned in unofficial capacity.
  • 6.Prefects’ meeting branch can now be finished.
  • 7.Added a small event, now with Luna.
  • 8.Introduced a secret character. First meeting will be easy, second – not so much.
  • 9.Introduced a mechanic for the dorms to work with the prefects’ branch, you will have to figure that one out.
  • 10.“All the bugs that are there for you to catch”
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