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Inevitable Relations – 0.05a

Day 1 additions/changes:

· Beth’s workday expanded

· Redesigned the flashback for Charlies departure

Day 2 additions/changes:

· Added a morning scene, with a call from a new character (Medical Examiner)

· New night / sex scene with Alex

· Finally added an image which shows Beth and Eva at the register after the shopping scene

Day 3 additions/changes:

· Added an entire scene with the first hetero sex in the game (between Charlie and Eva?)

· Training scene from Day 4 was moved to Day 3

· For that to work, Evas birthday scene was expanded a bit

· Bathroom scene with Eva was expanded to make the transition to the Charlie scene

Day 4 additions/changes:

· Morning scene with Izzy was added and is a lot longer than with the beta

· Training scene moved to Day 3

General aditions/changes:

· Flashback look has been changed

· Compressed version now uses the WebP format and is a lot smaller than before

· Test run with side images to display the emotions of the characters has been added

Changes in numbers:

Words: 6.881 –> 8.304

Characters: 39.310 –> 48.992

Images: 304 –> 401

Menus: 30 –> 35

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