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Hunt and Snare – r5.22

NEW Species – Davh (Canine).
NEW Character Creator with code sharing and a small set of pre-made characters to get started with.
NEW Character customization options. Current total; 2 races, 10 eyes with 3 colors each, 10 tails, 6 breast options, 8 skin detail masks with 10 color areas each and 2 colors per area, 29 patterns with 3 customizable colors, and 34 body/head morphs in 2 directions each.
NEW NPC – The Bard (MxF).
NEW NPC – The Spirit (MxM).
NEW NPC – The Rumor Monger (no acts) who will give you hints and guide you to various new things in game! Can be found in The Cotton Ball.
NEW First pass of sound effects including GUI sounds, moans, walking, and weapon.
Added male / female voices; Automatically determined for old characters and prey based on body features, and new characters can pick either OR silent.
Added NPC and prey specific skins, color schemes, and facial or body features.
Added ESC menu (it no longer throws you out to Main Menu).
Added Loading screen during transitions to eliminate or minimize unresponsiveness of program while loading the game.
Added system requirement warnings during loading.
Added character footprint decals.
Added hinged doors to current important buildings.
Added large number of variations to Skiia terrain including plants and rocks and other decorations.
Added distance shadows and color for terrain plants.
Added information tooltips (more later)
Added warning messages if running Hunt and Snare on machines that are below minimum requirements.
Adjusted lighting on Skiia.
Adjusted weather effects and clouds.
Reworked jiggle effects to give more motion and fluidity to characters.
Reworked character component edges to remove gaps and lighting errors.
Reworked POV and Default camera switching behavior (to prevent camera position resetting).
Improved fur level of detail consistency and quality.
Improved tree lods and matching of tree billboards with tree meshes.
Improved character visual consistency by removing “furless” ear insides, and faked fur sculpted on faelain heads.
Improved overall uniqueness of Kirhaal’s buildings.
Improved post processing effect quality.
Improved act camera orbit behavior.
Improved fur bake by increasing color intensity (matches body better).
Improved swimming speed and water behavior with camera.
Improved terrain shading and texture blending.
Optimization: Changed Hunt and Snare to use Unity Experimental GPU jobs for slight CPU usage improvement.
Optimization: Improved character loading with texture caching and removed redundant save/load calls.
Optimization: Reduced skin shader requirement from Shader Model 4.6 to 4.0.
Optimization: Changed compression settings for various textures.
Optimization: Rebuilt water shader from ground up to a lot more performant one.
Fixed various typos in conversations.
Fixed Hunt and Snare launching in bright white screen.
Fixed blurry gui in LOW quality settings.
Fixed acts sometimes spawning inside rocks or other environment objects.
Fixed shadow flickering in distance when camera is moving.
Fixed collision issues with davh drops.
Fixed some animation look at targets.
Fixed LOD on fur and animation in conversation acts (namely with Timathi).
Fixed a phantom moon occasionally seen in the sky.
Fixed bugs with screen fader triggering multiple times or not releasing screen.
Updated Unity engine and plugins.

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