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House Party – 0.9.3

  • Added a framework of quests that will help guide the player down Ashley’s three new quest paths.
  • Added various thought bubbles and tie-in dialogues that will hint to the player what consequences and rewards lie ahead for the paths they’re choosing.
  • Added an intense level of polish to the new content, especially in how it meshes with old quests/dialogues.
  • Addition of volumetric fog and related lighting and graphical effects
  • Re-tweaked graphical dithering and noise
  • Improvements to object models and shaders
  • Full revamp of the reflections system and certain lighting methods
  • Quests will now be referred to in-game (not under-the-hood) as “Opportunities”
  • Added a collider for the tree in the yard. No more going inside to hibernate.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the outside tree to float.
  • Improvements to the background neighborhood and foliage
  • There are now stars in the night sky. Sonnets welcome.
  • Somewhat reduced shimmering that was being seen on certain objects (in progress)
  • Somewhat alleviated blur/trailing effect seen when AA is enabled in the in-game menu (in progress)
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing Patrick to ‘poke out’ from behind his underwear
  • Improvements and optimizations to Ashley’s model, hair, and clothing
  • New and improved light bake
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the male characters to roam to the hot tub when they shouldn’t be
  • Under-the-hood optimization of materials, prefabs, shaders, and other miscellany
  • Minor fixes for the roaming system
  • Graphic menu revamped and minor issues resolved
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the user from loading a saved game from the title screen
  • Disabled “Simon Says” quest temporarily while we port it to work solely in the custom story creator. This is an antiquated quest that is mostly hard-coded, and will come back in a later version revamped.
  • CONSOLE: Fixed an issue that prevented using ‘0’ as a value with the Personality command
  • CONSOLE: Fixed an issue that was preventing the use of ‘0’ in certain command orders with the dialogue command to trigger the default/start dialogue
  • CONSOLE: Fixed an issue that was preventing WalkTo and WarpTo commands from successfully using the ‘all’ subcommand when paired with characters
  • CONSOLE: WalkTo and WarpTo ‘all’ no longer affect the player in any way when ‘all’ is used. You will need to warp yourself separately.
  • CONSOLE: Added ‘list’ functionality to Quest command: Can now list all of a character’s quest names and their IDs
  • CONSOLE: Minor formatting fixes within success/error message texts
  • CONSOLE: Cleared up a discrepancy between how WalkTo and WarpTo were finding their destination/target and added some redundancy to ensure the ‘intended’ target was used
  • CONSOLE: Added ‘all’ functionality to the Dance command
  • CONSOLE: Added an error check to all commands in case players define too many parameters or extra subcommands
  • CONSOLE: Added ‘all’ and ‘list’ functionality to the State command
  • CONSOLE: Removed multiplicative element from ChangeSize command; user can now set size back to ‘1’
  • CONSOLE: Fixed an issue that caused a limited combination of floating numbers and string inputs to break the gameobject search for certain commands
  • CONSOLE: Removed reference to color numeric IDs for the Crosshair command. Player should simply type their new crosshair color via text input.
  • CONSOLE: Addressed an issue that was preventing the Item command from listing or utilizing all available ItemFunctions for all InteractiveItems
  • CONSOLE: Added ‘Roaming’ command. This is a replacement/upgrade to the prior deprecated roaming command. Allows the user to enable or disable roaming, force a changelocation, add allowed or prohibited roaming locations to one or ‘all’ characters, or clear these location lists entirely. Also allows the user to get a current list of a single character’s allowed and prohibited roaming locations.
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the Pose command’s ‘test’ option from working
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