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House Party – 0.8.4

A couple of notes about this update author said:

  • This update includes female combat mechanics, but the only way to make them fight at the moment is to use the console. (Press ~, then you can type “combat madison ashley fight”, just as an example. You can make any of the characters fight each other.
  • In the Original Story, don’t try to finish Amy’s scavenger hunt, as that is *not* what this update is about. To unlock the new “Chasing Amy” quest, you’ll need to tell Amy that it’s not worth it to join the sorority. That’s where you’ll find the new content. The scavenger hunt is scheduled to be finished up for next week’s Alpha.

• Continuation of Amy’s Story (Path 1)
• Updated Story: Date Night With Brittney
• New Story: Slumber Party at Madison’s (SPAM)
• Updated Madison’s Model
• Females now cover and try to hide themselves if they are naked around others they are uncomfortable with.
• Moved the coffee to a more reasonable location
• Updated Combat Mechanics
• Female Combat Mechanics
• Fights now move along much more quickly
• Tamed NPC emotes so they are less pronounced when speaking, and not have varying levels of expression
• Added more real-time lights
• Lighting Tweaks and Updates

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