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House Party – 0.11.3

  • Implemented ability to unlock achievements both locally and on Steam
  • Implemented logic for upcoming DLC Explicit Content Add-On (Uncensored Patch) for Steam
  • Implemented partial Russian localization
  • Fixed an issue with some phantom shadows
  • Fixed an issue where the camera audio and visuals weren’t working when snapping a picture
  • Fixed an issue where the escape menu can sometimes get stuck on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where Amy wouldn’t change into her alternate outfit
  • Increased the radius of Ashley’s Top hit box slightly
  • Fixed an issue where some Interactive Items weren’t initializing properly
  • Fixed achievements so they won’t fail to pop up if a dialogue or other important UI element is on display
  • Fine-tuned lip syncing
  • Improved animations for laying and oral sex
  • Fixed Brittney’s crooked head in her sittings animations
  • Fixed Ashley’s eyelids blinking trough each other
  • Added more achievement images
  • Made the mound of dirt brighter
  • Ashley’s prank vs. Madison (if not caught in the closet) will now break/remove the Madison Smooth Operator reward if the player did not use it yet
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping Madison bra-less after any Sibling Warfare/prank “ending”
  • Being needy af towards Madison after she clearly indicates that you should leave her general vicinity will fail Smooth Operator: Madison.
  • Fixed a couple typos
  • Madison will no longer follow the player past the slider during the finale of her Drunk and Disorderly, and will instead pause dramatically near the slider door for her final showdown with the “worst of her stock”
  • Added two other sensible dialogue routes to the game that will allow the player to ask Katherine about hacking phones
  • Amy will no longer mention her stubbed toe via dialogue if the player is already speaking to another NPC
  • There are now overhears programmed for Frank to beat the player up if the player gives Madison a beer while near him.
  • Fixed reference in Ashley’s story for more “Quest : 0” naming issues.
  • Madison can now be given beers again after the player fails out of Humiliate Ashley by leaving a door(s) unlocked.
  • Ashley running into an unlocked bathroom during Humiliate Ashley will now actually fail the quest that was the catalyst for her running into a bathroom in the first place.
  • Frank’s overhears during Madison’s Drunk and Disorderly now take into account possible mental injuries he may have sustained in pursuit of getting a better look at Katherine.
  • Once Madison is well on her way to being shitfaced, she will redirect her default dialogue to a more appropriate drunk line until her D&D is completed.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Madison’s interactions to break if she reached the master bathroom before yelling at Patrick near the finale of her Smooth Operator opportunity
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