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House Party – 0.10.2

  • You can now go “All the Way” with Stephanie in her ending
  • “Special Tutor” Added refinement to the 4 new endings, ensuring that failing any of Stephanie’s new quests won’t necessarily fail other quests
  • Added 5+ lines between Katherine and Stephanie (Some currently unvoiced.)
  • All around polish to the current state of Stephanie’s revamp–including Frank’s head-butt scene.
  • Added new voice acting for Stephanie, Katherine, Derek, Madison, and Frank
  • Added a new kitchen light
  • Added new standing lamps
  • Added a state where characters will not slow down when approaching their move target
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash when loading the game
  • Fixed various bugs in Stephanie’s new story content
  • Fixed some areas where NPCs were getting stuck when pathfinding
  • Fixed an issue with the hand cursor where it would sometimes disappear
  • Added a response from Ashley if you give her beer before you “meet” her
  • Fixed an issue where Kat would drop dialogue if you ask her to take a nude photo and you haven’t used the Camera on the SD card yet, but they are both in your inventory
  • Beer pong balls return to the spawner/container area after being used after a short delay, regardless of if they miss or score
  • Added a help text radial option to give instructions for how to play
  • If the beer pong container does not detect that enough playable balls are present, it will spawn more upon starting a new practice session
  • Further tweaked handcursor grab collider + grab functionality to improve player’s ability to pick up small objects
  • Fixed an issue that was causing character state transitions to be logged incorrectly in the debug log
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