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Holiday Islands – Ep. 1 v9 Update 4

-Added cheats to the quick menu in the lower right corner
-Fixed patch.rpa having the wrong photos packed for Emily

v9 Update 3
Update 3 includes previous Updates. It is not necessary to install them in order.
-added Josie swimsuit photo outfit
-the player can now snoop around on computers with the correct password:
[*]Meagan’s computer at home (browser-sites are unfinished, everything else works)
[*]computer in the prison cell office
-the japanese woman can appear randomly on the public beach and in the massage studio
-bugfix for the pre-Quest ‘Smile please’ the game will now always select the correct bikini-outfit for Emily instead of whatever was at index zero in the outfit-bag
-unlocking photo-outfits now requires the quest ‘Smile please’ to be completed, otherwise the player could run to the boutique during the pre-quest and pick another outfit/girl and the quest to bring Jenni photos of Emily makes no sense
-every audio file is now mapped to a definition in the audio-namespace to allow fast changes globally

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