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Holiday Island – beta QuickFix 1

v0.1.2.0 beta quick fix 1
Fix sleeping could cause error.

v0.1.2.0 beta
355 new renders and videos right now!
New features and content
Renée gets a special scene when you have a drink with her in the night bar.
Eva gets the night bar drink scene.
Alice gets the “breast flash” and “follow me” action and images.
Aly gets the “breast flash” and “follow me” action and images.
Heather gets a very long pole dance scene with possibility to go upstairs.
Eva gets the lapdance poker reward scene.
Eva gets a long random event in a new location (hotel elevator) with different endings (30+ images and vids).
Eva gets a beach event which includes Yumiko.
Possibility for random pool “distractions” will be added, starting with Yvette and Eva.
Heather scene to decide on the pole dance costume has been finished.
Heather, Yvette, Eva and Amy get the “flash breasts” intimate action.
New intimate action “flash breasts” added.
Ivy and Eva get new sexting images.
The workout pull-ups scene has been improved and made longer. The fully extended scene is available for Eva right now. It has three new renders for every swimwear. The “follow me” part has been added as well, for all girls who have the “follow me” images.
Ivy gets an extended pose scene at the pool.
Eva gets the workout pull-ups scene.
Ivy gets the groping renders.
Heather gets the groping renders.
Minor improvements and changes
Possibility to compare endurance of MC with girl has been added. It’s used in the Eva elevator scene to get different endings. It will be used in future scenes as well.
Text box has been made smaller and oppacity has been reduced (and can be adjusted in options).
Menu choice texts have been moved further down and oppacity has been changed as well.
Changed some scenes and events achievements to multi image.
Balancing change: Probability and frequency for sexting messages has been reduced.
Functionality to count number of times a scene/event/appointment has been seen added. This will help to improve dialogue options.
Lots of small text and grammar improvements.
Bug fixes
Talking to Renée could lead to a crash in certain circumstances.
Room service when you decide to walk to the reception during the cleaning – mc location was not changed to reception.
Point distribution for attractiveness has been fixed for “plane girl”.
Amy pool scene, Amy+Alice shower scene, Joy second encounter: Missing interactions.
Butt contest points where not properly set to 0 before each contest, so you could get strange/wrong results on the second and later butt contest.
Eva sexting is not working.
Faye and Aly “Boob Event Comparison” can trigger even when Aly is not on the Island.

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