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Holiday Island – 0.0.8 BugFix2

New features and content

  • You will be able to use the “H” key in poker games now
  • Joy visits the island in regular intervals :)
  • You will be able to invite a specific girl to the island
  • You will be able to send a specific girl home (you can get her back later if you want)
  • Max lust and max affection for the girls have been added as variables. You will have to do certain things for the girls to raise that and make progress.
  • A weekly progress screen for the girls will be added. Here is a preview screen: https://www.patreon.com/posts/version-0-0-7-1-15960103
  • Added a phone app to display all the available appointments, events and scenes for each girl. Damn that was a hell of a lot of work, but I think it’s well worth it. Here is a preview screen: https://www.patreon.com/posts/version-0-0-7-2-15976634
  • Aly gets all her workout scenes + a workout bonus scene
  • Joy image has been removed from the left panel. You will see the players stats instead now. The smart watch will only display the girls from 0.0.7alpha one. Since the guys stats are always visible (once you got the sub dermal monitoring)
  • All girls will get an “arrival” scene. You will get the scene when you invite a girl to the island or when a new one joins at the start of new week.
  • You can use favor now to ask the girls to change clothes. This way you won’t lose any affection with them.
  • Amy got a new quest for an additional swimsuit.
  • Having a drink with the girls at the night bar will be available for Amy (inlcudes a special scene)
  • Pills to increase strength and endurance for a limited time have been added to the game. The interface has been updated to reflect that. Here is a preview image: https://www.patreon.com/posts/happy-new-year-16182030
  • All the girls get all their hug and kiss images
  • Yvette might ask you to lotion her back at the pool now.

Minor improvements and changes

  • When you have the watch, it will automatically switch to the selected girl
  • Penalties for changing the girl’s clothes have been reduced.
  • Fixed a bunch of spelling errors.
  • Changed the behaviour of the message buttons (new, not replied to). You can select them, even if there are no messages in that category.
  • Invitation to butt contest is now made by reception instead of player.
  • Switched to latest version of Ren’Py 6.99.13 –> switched back to previous version of Ren’py (the one used in 0.0.6alpha), due to too many problems with the new one.
  • Player inventory supports more than 1 page now.
  • Action icons in the night bar are only displayed now if the scene has been implemented for the girl.

Bug fixes

  • The maximum number of girls on the Island should be 9 now, no matter what you select. So no longer getting stuck with just 7 or 8 :)
  • Poker engine bug where the game did not end even though she went all in and you won has been fixed.
  • contacts previous/next button was not working sometimes has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances you did not get any new empty vials from the doctor.
  • Fixed some more crashed related to startswith…
  • Bug in butt contest fixed where wrong girl got second place in round 1
  • Fixed a bug that the room service always was 1/2 an hour later than it is supposed to be.

Is the update going to break save games?: YES

  • Unfortunately due to the huge amount of new options and game mechanic changes, it cannot be avoided.
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