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HoeRizon – 0.0.56


Bouncy grenade mesh not disappearing after explosion
After teleporting UI becomes unresponsive
Dismissing or deleting your companion while it’s summoned would leave his weapon floating
Nightvision would make your screen darker
Equipping armor with an existing one will add up to the damage reduction stats instead of updating correctly
Replacing armor with an equipped one will trigger a bug that on unequip it will still show your character wearing that piece of clothing even though it’s removed from that inventory slot
While transitioning between different sex animations you click close it would bug out players camera as well as his current animation
Sometimes quest markers would display an incorrect icon on top of NPCs
If you gather materials before accepting the quest it would count as x2 items already acquired
Quest UI text or reward slots didn’t fit inside the window
When stealth skill expiries it would distort characters clothes
Item in world preview window no longer glitches through walls
Armor items would be displayed in the upgrade table (upgrade table was only intended for weapons)
Opening Inventory/quest log etc, wouldn’t hide main HUD (healthbar, crossair, skill hotbars etc.)
Companion would continue firing at the dead enemy
Companion couldn’t keep up with the player and might get stuck (now after a certain distance it will teleport near the player)


New hair style for one of the girls
New hair style while customizing your character
Ability to cycle between weapons using mouse wheel up/down
Slight performance improvement

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