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Harry Potter Turns 18 – 0.07

You can have full experience playing the first 7 days of the game. In the future updates, nothing to this days will be added or taken off. Your saves will stay on your computer and will be working on next updates. The game already has super sexy music(on weekend only, but will play on next updates too). Many sexy scenes which include: 3 blow jobs(two with Mom), NTR scene with Laura(optional), NTR route with Mother(avoidable), GENDER BENDER path starts(a lot of crazy Boratian gay type jokes(completely avoidable if you wish), a lot of voyeurs, two new personages join the game from Harry Potter story. Some magic(at this moment more like a drugging). Sexting on the phone with your own skin and blood(Mother). A lot of work been done with some photos with photoshop program to make players happy. Two people worked on the game(one of them, me, full time).

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