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Haremon –

– Added the Witch’s selfie CG and text
– Added the Holstaurus’s selfie CG and text
– Added Confession scenes. When a Haremon’s Affection reaches Crush (75%), she may text you and ask you to meet her in your bedroom, where she’ll confess her love for you. If you accept her confession, she’ll advance straight to 100% (Lover). Otherwise, her Affection will be capped at 99%. You can only have one Lover at a time, and the girl who you choose as your Lover gets various bonuses such as receiving unique items and texts, never refusing sex, and an all-new sex scene/CG (the first of which is coming soon!) If you turn down a confession, you can later select “I love you” from the bedroom menu when talking to the girl, which will make her your Lover (as long as her Affection is high enough). Being your Lover will also change a Haremon’s dialogue in small but noticable ways.
– Added Scout Cards. When you leave a Haremon at the ranch to “Explore”, her Scout Tile may appear in any dungeon you visit, giving you a short scene and a unique bonus when you activate it. A maximum of 3 of these tiles will be placed in a dungeon.
– Added tutorials (finally). These will pop up circumstantially (as long as you have Tutorials enabled in the Settings menu) and can also be accessed at will from the new Help app.
– NPCs now have naked and underwear layers, meaning they can now Strip in the bedroom, and the Mysterious Lens now works on them (except Scarlett, because reasons)
– Added a crafting system: you can ask Professor Laurel to craft items for you in the lab, either by selecting two items to combine, or by selecting a craftable item from a list of recipes you’ve unlocked.
– All choices are now under a time limit unless you play on Virgin difficulty.
– You can now select ANY question during Truth or Dare, instead of having to select one from a random list of 4.
– All Haremon and NPCs now have a Personality trait which modifies the amount of Affection they gain and lose. This can be checked on the Info screen of the Haremon app. This is mainly for balance reasons (to, for instance, make Miruku a lot easier to seduce, so you can get to some sex earlier in the game), but it’s also a nice bit of flavor for the characters.
– Favorite Gifts and Hated Gifts are now “likes” and “dislikes”. All gift types are now “things”, too (e.g. “shiny things”, “girly things”, “fancy things”). Also, giving a loved/hated gift now correctly updates that information on the Notes screen.
– In battle, all techniques (Fight, Special, and Seduction) are now consolidated in the FIGHT menu. There is also now a HELP option, which opens up a list of tutorials you can read about various battle mechanics.
– To avoid an overabundance of money, guild Jobs now have a “First-time reward” and a “repeat reward”. This means you’ll get a much better reward the first time you complete a job, and a smaller reward each subsequent time you complete that same job. First-time rewards have also been nerfed.
– You can now change a Haremon’s Dungeon Skill by talking to Scarlett at the Guild Hall. You can choose one randomly for a small Star Shard cost, or choose one from a list for a much higher cost. You can also now view a Haremon’s current Dungeon Skill and Scout Card effect on her stat screen.
– Several new dungeon skills have been added (for a total of 15), and a few old ones have been tweaked to be more balanced
– Each girl now has a “favorite food” and a “favorite drink” that you can find out during Truth or Dare. (These are to be used in the upcoming Dating system.)
– Added an option in the Settings menu to disable miscellaneous text messages (sale updates, quest completion, etc.)
– You can now select which panties to give a girl in the “Soaked!” event, instead of a pair being taken randomly from your bag.
– Giving “hated” gifts no longer causes Affection loss
– Scarlett’s Affection will now increase when you complete a Guild Job and when your Rank goes up
– NPCs, like Haremon, can now buy you gifts with money you’ve given them.
– Various bugfixes, tweaks, and minor additions

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