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Haremon – 0.8.2

– Added “Friend”-level NPC texts
– Changes to the dungeon board: (1) Moving to a tile that’s already been flipped will no longer end your turn or consume food. (2) Skipping your turn no longer consumes food. (3) These changes make food consumption less common, so the food counter now always starts at 10, and Rations now restore only 3 food. (4) Pressing C will now allow you to “Give up”. This will instantly exit the dungeon, but by doing so, you’ll trigger a Game Over (your party’s affection will go down).
– Locations in town are now closed at night, corresponding with the times when the corresponding NPCs are “available”
– A girl will now send you an angry text if you invite her to your bedroom and then leave town without visiting her first.
– Changed the “simple” textbox to be simply a non-animated version of the “fancy” textbox. It should still run at a perfect framerate, but looks a lot nicer. This is also the default setting now.
– Increased the speed of “choice” animations, spinner animations, and all phone-related animations
– Increased the speed of card flipping and moving on the dungeon screen
– Fixed a bug where Scarlett would text you about quests that weren’t active
– Fixed the “be safe, okay?”, “one hit kill”, and “private practice” quests not updating properly
– 100% affection now turns the affection gauge gold
– Added an indicator of “horny” status (the Affection gauge beats like a heartbeat)
– Added an Affection indicator on the Contact list
– Saving the game no longer closes the ePhone.
– Other extremely minor tweaks and bugfixes

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