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Haremon – 0.11.5

[Changes marked with a * were suggested by players on Discord!]
– Added the catgirl’s Lover sex scene and CG. If you’re Lovers with the catgirl (and you’ve already unlocked her normal sex CG), there’s a chance you’ll receive a text from her inviting you to have sex. This will initiate a new scene where you’ll get to experiment with her kinky side. This will be the way sex scenes will work from here on: normal sex scenes will be pretty vanilla, while Lover sex scenes will often involve a fetish of some sort. This will hopefully allow the game to have both broad appeal and a bit of niche content.
– Added a Halloween-themed sex CG. You’ll have to play the game ON Halloween (October 31) to unlock it! (And no, changing your PC’s time won’t work!)
– Added a unique seasonal outfit for each Haremon! These are autumn-themed recolors with some additional Halloween-y accessories. Speak to Annie to learn how to obtain these.
– Implemented the beginning of the “Mixed-up Memories” quest. You can initiate it at any time by visiting the professor’s lab and choosing to “register” the catgirl. This quest must now be activated before you can meet the Lady in Black in the Shimmering Caverns.
– Added a few other Halloween-themed features and easter eggs that can only be activated during October.
– Added three new techniques: “Milked Dry” (upgrade Breastmilk), “Death Glare” (learned by Imp), and “Steel Shredder” (upgrade Claw)

Minor additions:
*- Added a short scene after battling the bunnygirl that tells you you can’t tame her without the Test serum.
*- Added a better quest description to the Captivating Beauty quest
*- In events that ask you to use a potion, you can now use other healing items if you don’t have potions (Trap, The Lost Alchemist, wounded monster, branching paths)
*- Added tooltips to the town menu showing the time when a closed area will open in the morning
*- Added clickable quantity arrows when selling items in the shop
– Added several AI improvements, hopefully making battles more interesting/challenging
– You can no longer give a girl the same gift twice.
– Buffs and debuffs now diminish on a curve, rather than linearly (they deplete slowly at first, and then more rapidly over time). Most stat-buffing moves have also been nerfed in order to work with this system.
– Using Scent (or Check) now shows the effects of the enemy’s active Kinks
– Adjusted all technique levelup costs

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