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Haremon – 0.10.3

– Added the Imp’s selfie CG
– Added the bunnygirl’s selfie CG
– Added swimsuits for EVERY Haremon and NPC (see below!)
– Added the ability to ask your Haremon out on a Date. You can ask a girl out by calling her on the Phone app. There is currently only 1 date area: the beach (several more will come later!) You can unlock this area by speaking to Scarlett in the guild hall. This date is essentially a mini-dungeon with no monsters and lots of random mini-events. You’ll encounter familiar NPCs, all dressed in brand new swimsuits! Complete events to collect Sand Dollars, which you can trade in with Annie in exchange for new items, including swimsuit items that will allow you to set your Haremon to wear their swimsuits all the time! At the end of the dungeon, you’ll gain a large amount of Affection. If her Affection is high enough, you might even get a “special” reward!
– Added several new events across all dungeons. The new events are Gone Fishing (forest), Diamonds in the Rough (caves), A Fork in the Road (caves/forest), Desperation (plains/caves), and Giving Her a Ride (forest/caves). There are also several new events in the Beach date. Additionally, a few small, uninteresting events have been removed.
– Added relevant screenshots to all tutorials
– Importing saves from a previous version will now cap all characters’ Affection at 99%
– All CGs and backgrounds have been downsized to minimize memory usage, reduce filesize, and improve performance. The only effect this will have is that you can no longer zoom in very far on CGs in Gallery mode. (Full-res CGs are still available to $10 patrons.)
– Did a ton of tweaking with how the game manages texture memory. This will hopefully improve overall performance, but adds some short pauses between roooms while textures are loaded and unloaded.
*- Added “how to unlock” hints on all CGs in the Gallery
*- You can now toggle Fast-Forward in battle by pressing SELECT/SHIFT
*- The bunnygirl’s sex CG has been reformatted so that it no longer requires scrolling.
– Various minor bugfixes, tweaks, and additions

[Items with a * were suggested by players]

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