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Harem Island – 0.1.1

  • Dialogues: edit of some texts, to fix some english mistakes.
  • Battle system Updated:
    – more simple and easy.
    – Cool UI animations.
    – This is not % anymore, You can now see they gauge that act like life points.
    – It gets a bit of Random values.
    – it works with your stats and hers (but you can’t change them yet)
    – You should not have to choose between speed or forceful in the future, just increase the intensity or decrease.
  • The Map system:
    – You can now visit the plane by clicking on map’s buttons.
    – You can talk to people.
    – not everybody are present but it should be the case very soon.
    – Cool living animations for a cool immersion.
  • Story:
    A specific action will trigger a scene (with sex animation) and it will explains you your goal in the future of the game.
  • Saving system:
    – You can save and load the game, unlike harem Villa, It works during a dialogue and on every maps.
    – I’ve disabled it during the battles, so if it doesn’t works when you see life gauges that’s normal.
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