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Harem High School – 0.1.0

Savegames are not compatible!


– 170 Images
– 11 animated scenes
– new events with Mindy, Tina, Lea, Kasumi and some new characters
– repeatable scenes for Kasumi, Tina and Lea
– new locations in school
– added Playerhome (bedroom, kitchen, entrance hall for now…)
– map of the school
– timesystem (click on the clock to skip time)


– 70 images
– 16 animated scenes
– redone Kasumi good morning scene day 1
– redone Tina’s first scene (Her first time should have a better quality)
– cum is better visible in new and redone scenes
– the game needs less space
– changed fonts, colors and textbox
– changed some doors and arrows after the beta release (I hope it’s less confusing now^^)
– and some other small things…

if you find any bugs or strange things then contact me (Patreon/Discord).

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