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Harem Collector – 0.36.2

-Orange Kid now has a special quest for you when her affection rating pass 100 points! This quest, Magnum Opus, comes with a new full artwork sex scene, an optional text-only sex scene, a host of treasures, and one of the most powerful “Love” bonuses in the game! Don’t miss it!
-The Southport Manor is now available, and within it you can get access to a new lower level quest, A New Girl Like Clockwork. This is one of the most unique “dungeons” we’ve put together to date, and completing unlocks a new harem girl: Pandora, the clockwork maid!
-Hour of the Beasts, Beyond Good and Devil, and Finishing Unfinished Business now drop armor pieces for Yamamaya, Therese and Elaiya respectively.
-“Gilded Bondage”, Orange Kid’s latest scene, has been added to the random sex scene list. Due to a quirk in the current design, she’s currently set to unlock on any quest that generates a random scene from the list, with a priority above all other non-manor-specific sex scenes but below threesomes.
-Elf Impregnation Day now has text, and is currently the longest sex scene in the game, comprising four separate vignettes with dozens of lines of dialogue each.
-Nerys, Alina and Clementine have been spotted actually wearing swimwear at the beach while on vacation!
-More mysterious notes have been sighted adorning abandoned spaces in the Middle Kingdom. It’s now possible to collect the whole set, if you dare….
-All towns now have a small bit of introductory text, telling you a bit of what the Hero knows about the area.
-The furniture menu will now display what room each part of the furniture is in while placing it.
-Decorating with rugs now causes your harem girls to become happier, as they look at enough plain yellow wooden slats as it is, thank you very much.
-Your horses have been consolidated into a single beast, and you no longer have to guess which horse does what.
-The new company logo now appears on startup.
-The Holy Diver should no longer cause any bugs.
-The autosave bug has been firmly squashed, among others.

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