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Harem – 2 c7m7.1

After months preparing to add Chinua to your Harem, she is as ready as she will ever be. Bring her back to her people one more time, show her more of Elan’s history and she will show you everything!
You met several interesting people at Caliga’s ball before taking ‘Claudia’ home with you and making her yours. One of those was Ralap, asking for your help with an issue that he didn’t want Caliga to know about. And this will prove to be a mythril opportunity to add the final touches to your plans to bring him down!
A woman who you though was a simple courtesan at Mercalius’s party turned out to be an assassin, killing Lord Makath and nearly killing you as well. You’ve put Noemi in charge of tracking her down and you’ll start to discover this was not a one time thing.
While ‘Ralph’ is involved in most of the erotic events of the game, your women get up to their own activities. There’s been two new categories added to the end of replay mode, off-camera Legate+ and public. As I can I’ll be filling out these events. Currently there’s a scene between Samantha and Cecilia in Celee, Donna’s night with Jorge, the light and dark variants of Samantha’s night with Terra in Elan, and Kathleen’s service with Caliga. The newest 3 of those will be reserved for my Legate+ patrons, every one beyond that will be viewable by everyone!
You have been preparing your Elani allies for a strike against Caliga which should come in 7m8, but you can see what they’re up to in the refuge and mine now.
185 pages of new content, 214 new images.
9 new scenes added, 2 more still coming!

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where Chinua’s stone trainings would last too long
Retroactively finished the issue where the above would break the refuge. Enter the refuge, it will force the refuge to the end state and let you see the last section of your discoveries.
Fixed various timing issues: Terra must be evolved before training Chinua. You must have the portal key before the Corde Ball and recovering Rachel’s shipment. Rachel won’t asked to be assessed until you start chapter 7.
Portal stone w/ Chinua should no longer crash the game.
Many minor bugs/inconsistencies fixed pre ch7

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