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Harem – 2 c7m4.1

-After a long time waiting, it’s time to put Cecilia back into your harem for good! Or evil, up to you really…

-Terra had a huge role with Cecilia. Reward her as well, but beware the consequences!

-There are two sides in Elan, the power and the people. Both sides have jobs for you.

-Neither the Namuhists or Betans would stay quiet after being beaten. They have their own plans for you.

-You’ve spent a fortune in The King’s Pleasure. Alison may have some new skills to show off, given you’ve done the other trainings.

-7 new in-game scenes, 1 more scene for the Legate+ patrons

-229 new images, 172 new pages of text


-Reorganized Legate+ scenes, moving Bigglack’s and Arden’s commission series into their own slots.

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