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Hardcoded –

It’s Patreon version 11! This was a busy month for a ton of reasons, as I’m sure you all can relate to, so we kept this update a bit light. Heather 8 is a cute lil scene to wind down after the convention, and Lily/Reina mini 1 is Lily and Reina’s first real mini scene together! It takes place in the acorn and gives them a bit more character depth. As per the results of the poll, I included the cum / food play thing, but since it was suuuuch a close win, I also included a good ol’ dick sucking bit! Both got art, but the food one is still a WIP. Enjoy! And thank you all so much for your support!!
New scenes:

  • Heather 8

Mini scenes:

  • Lily / Reina mini 1

Misc Stuff:

  • ’16 memories’ bug fixed
  • Industrial district art revisions
  • Root st bg animations reinstated
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