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Hard Times in Hornstown – 2.42

– Fixed a bug that caused the reputation of your peep show to skyrocket with certain price changes
– Fixed a couple of obscure dead ends in the mall encounters
– Fixed a bug that caused the nude version of an NPC avatar not to be displayed in certain sex scenes

– Now you can switch roles with your employee in the peep show

New in Alpha Access
– Marketing options for the Peep Show are now available.
– Continue renovating and decorating your business venture with new options. They can be quite expensive – unless you offer something nice to your contractor
– Print flyers with your own slogan and distribute them in the district. Some options to give them out are fairly straightforward – others are kinky
– Enlist help from some of your friends and acquaintances in making the place more popular. Some might help for free…others will ask for something in return

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