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Hard Times in Hornstown – 1.5

– 230 000 characters (about 46 000 words) of new content
– A new big location Hornstown beach
– 5 new pieces of swimwear to buy and proudly display
– 2 new jobs (Security guard and lifeguard)
– 2 new outfits (new job uniforms)
– 4 new complex NPCs to get to know, befriend and fuck
– Domination, humiliation, voyeurism and exhibitionism content
– New player created NPCs Shanae and Nuhm are now in

Security guard position
This is a new job focused at authoritative/dominant player characters
– Apply for this job by asking Mira at Extreme Circumstances
– Meet your new boss and maybe share his toys
– Do your job properly and it might come with a lot of perks or bend the rules a little and it will come with a different set of perks
– MF, FM, MM, FF domination content with some light and moderate BDSM options

Life’s a beach – voted in by the community
Hornstown beach is now open. Explore it to find all its secrets!
– Hang out at the beach to run into random events and to find exciting new people and locations
– Show your talent on stage at a beach bar to impress the friendly twins who differ in one crucial aspect
– Assist the enthusiastic owner of the rent-a-boat shop to make it more famous with some…unconventional ideas
– Earn respect of the hulking volleyball enthusiast to learn whether or not he is equally spirited while naked
– Earn some money as a lifeguard and find out if you can balance the temptations of the sexy bodies on the beach with the responsibilities of the job
– Vanilla MF, FM, MM, FF content, futanari content, humiliation, exhibitionism and voyeurism content

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